I love creating new apps that solve my own problems. This is a list with everything I’m currently working on.

ruby Stonksfolio | STONKS

Stonksfolio is a stock/ETF portfolio visualizer that provides insights into the performance of your portfolios.

It also has an increasing number of tools that help passive investors with their investments, such as an automatic contribution calculator.

ruby Nadir | nadir


1. the lowest or most unsuccessful point in a situation.

Nadir is a blazing-fast exception tracker for Ruby applications that will be there for you when your own code betrays you.

ruby Offlife | offlife

Offlife is a bundle of several small web applications:

  • Budget management system
  • Weight loss calulator and tracker
  • Progress pic visualizer

GOSHO Nepalm (☠) | | Source

A simple and effective project management tool for small teams.

GOSHO Pomodiary (☠) |

A digital companion for the Pomodoro technique power user.


epaybg | ruby rb

Ruby library for integrating services.

egn | ruby rb | clojure clj

Helps create, parse and validate Bulgarian Unique Citizenship Numbers (EGN).

mt940 | ruby rb

A library for parsing files in the MT940 format. It is widely used in Europe by banks and contains information about client account statements for a given time period.

money_in_words | ruby rb

Transforms numbers into Bulgarian words or Bulgarian money (BGN).

inactive_support | ruby rb

A collection of useful extensions for the Ruby language.

For full list of all projects I’ve been working on, visit my github account.