Most of my projects are hosted on my github account. Here are some of the more interesting ones:


ruby Offlife |

A collection of simple tools for everyday use - budget log, weight log, taggable notes and a journal.

ruby Nepalm | | Source

A simple and effective project management tool for small teams.

ruby Pomodiary |

A digital companion for the Pomodoro technique power user.


epaybg | ruby rb

Ruby library for integrating services.

egn | ruby rb | clojure clj

Helps create, parse and validate Bulgarian Unique Citizenship Numbers (EGN).

mt940 | ruby rb

A library for parsing files in the MT940 format. It is widely used in Europe by banks and contains information about client account statements for a given time period.

money_in_words | ruby rb

Transforms numbers into Bulgarian words or Bulgarian money (BGN).

inactive_support | ruby rb

A collection of useful extensions for the Ruby language.